I’m Ulla, nice to meet you and I’m glad you came across my blog.

I was born in October 1992, so currently in my twenties. I am a cat lady (unfortunately without owning a cat), photography lover and I enjoy writing a lot. That’s why blogging was something I always wanted to do to pursue my passions. I had actually started one or two blogs previously but somehow I could never stick to it and very rarely posted something until I forgot about it completely.
This time it will be different! More professionally, more consistent, and with passion.

So why „My green cushion“?
Well, to be honest, this name is a bit random and doesn’t have a particular meaning. While I was looking for a name for my blog, I got a little desperate because no name really appealed to me or sounded like what I imagined. I told my boyfriend about my dilemma and he said I was thinking too much. Then he grabbed our new green velvet cushion and said I could just call my blog “green cushion”. Even though he probably wasn’t serious about the name, I kind of liked it. And that’s how my blog got its name.

The name also fits my content, because my content is probably a bit random, too. I am interested in a lot of topics and I didn’t want to restrain myself just to define a niche. Now I will write about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, thoughts and everything that comes to my mind.
So now enjoy my blog and give me feedback if you like!