Changes 2019

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” – Socrates

What will happen to this blog?

I have started this blog roughly a year ago with plenty of ideas in mind. For the first couple of months, I was really motivated and managed to write something new every week. However, this slowly decreased. First, I missed one week, then two weeks in a row and suddenly I hadn’t posted something new in half a year.

There are many reasons for this. A major reason is my bad time management. For me, it’s not that easy to reconcile a full time job with writing for my blog regularly. But you always find the time for something that you love. And here’s the problem..

Losing the love

When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure whether to write in English or German. I love speaking and writing in English and I also think I can speak English quite well. So, to reach more people I’ve started writing in English. However, at the end of last year, I somehow found my niche in knitting. Knitting is something I am really passionate about and I want to put my focus on. And here’s where I have a problem. When it comes to knitting, I don’t feel as confident with my English as with other topics. Or at least not confident enough for the content I’d like to produce.

Of course I could learn all the vocabulary and everything that is connected with it. But I am at a point, where I lost the passion and love for my blog anymore because I don’t feel able to express my thoughts accurately and everything seems to be so much effort.

Finding new ways

That’s why I’ve decided to write in German from now on. It’s a big step and it could go wrong completely, but I won’t find out if I don’t at least try. It probably doesn’t really matter as I don’t have many readers anyway.

Finding my focus

Another change will be, as you might already guess from above, that I will put my focus on knitting and DIY. This is what brings me the most joy, so why not? There will still be different categories, but knitting will be the biggest category.

So… for all the German speaking readers: You can look forward to a lot of great content. It will be mainly knitting and maybe every now and then a bit of travel and lifestyle but I’m not sure about that yet. I am glad I made this decision, I have new energy and I am looking forward to a year full of knitting and new blogging content and finally to implement all those ideas I have in mind.

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