My resolutions for 2019

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019

Goals and ambitions for the new year

Happy new year! I know I’m late, but I had to reconsider many things related to this blog before putting up new content. And don’t we all need a month to realize that the New Year has already begun?

One year ago, I’ve started this blog and after a little break, I found new motivation and can’t wait to put up new content. However, I didn’t want to start the new year without a few words on the past year and plans for the new year.

2018 – like every other year – flew by so quickly. Every year I have the same resolutions and every year I forget about them quite quickly. So this year, I won’t make any wild resolutions. I make plans.

Highlights 2018

Bu let’s have look back on 2018 first. It’s hard to think of the highlights now, everything seems to be so far away. But I’ll give it a try.

  • Indonesia: Definitely a highlight! It was my first time outside of Europe, the first long-distance flight and such a great experience!
  • Road bike: I bought a road bike. That’s something I’ve never expected because I didn’t really like them. But as my boyfriend and I did more and more tours together, I was just sick of my old bike because cycling was so much harder with it. And I have to say: I love my new bike and haven’t regretted the decision ever since.
  • Many small trips! Besides the big trip to Indonesia, we took some smaller city trips in Germany.
  • Rediscovered knitting: At the end of the year I started knitting again after a long spring and summer break. Now, I have so many  ideas for new projects and hope that I these ideas won’t stay ideas but turn into finished projects.

Looking back, I am quite satisfied with the last year. Of course, I could’ve done more and been more productive, but all in all I’m happy and full of new motivation for 2019.

What are my expectations for 2019?

2018 was somehow a year of settling in. I found new hobbies, I had just found a new job by the end of 2017 and it was a whole new situation for me. I had to learn how to make the most of my freetime next to a fulltime job. And I still have to learn a lot. In 2019 I want to grow.  

  1. Hobbies – I want to focus on my hobbies and develop new ones and use my free time more deliberately. Sometimes it’s hard for me, to do something productive after a day of work – especially in winter when it gets dark so early. Right now, I focus on knitting in the evenings but I want to do more and explore different things. I want to do more sports and paint with watercolours and also try crocheting. I hate that I waste so much time with netflix etc.
  2. Find my focus – I have troubles to focus on one thing. Especially with knitting I have this problem. When I start one project, I’m already knitting a new one in my head. So I want to try doing things one after another.
  3. Knit, knit, knit! – This was already a goal of mine last year but during summer I had no motivation. This year I want to keep on knitting throughout the whole year. It’s not only a passion of mine but it also helps me to calm down and relax in the evenings. Here are more reasons why I love knitting. I have so many cool ideas in mind and a yarn stash that’s getting bigger and bigger. So I have no choice but to keep on knitting.
  4. Travel – Of course I want to travel this year. There are no specific plans yet, but rather two smaller holidays than just one big journey. And of course smaller city trips.
  5. Consumerism and minimalism – Last year, I’ve started exploring these topics and want to focus more on it this year. I want to reduce my clothes and beauty products and do not purchase so many things. I might sell again on a flea market and there is a new shopping ban around the corner.

These are my main goals. Obviously, I want to do more sports and eat healthier like everybody does, but it is not my focus and should just happen naturally. We will see how it goes.

Do you have resolutions or goals?

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