We are knitters colorado cooler cardigan review

We are Knitters Colorado Cooler Cardigan

Knitting kit review

For a while I had my eyes on the knitting kits by We are knitters but was never motivated enough to buy one as I was still fed up with the two sweaters I had knitted in the past. I never wanted to knit a jumper again. But recently I felt a new wave of motivation and wanted to create something bigger than socks again. Given that and a good black Friday deal, I decided to order two sets. Here I will share my experience.

The ordering process

The ordering process is very easy. The shop is neatly arranged and the shopping process is very clear. I had two separate orders and one of them arrived very quickly in a couple of days, the other one took about four weeks. The reason for that was that one of the yarns I ordered was out of stock. Other than that, everything went smoothly.

The Colorado Cooler Cardigan

I bought the knitting kit Colorado Cooler Cardigan in grey for 55 € on sale and without the knitting needles as I already owned a pair of the right needles. With every set from We Are Knitters, you can exclude the knitting needles if you already have needles in the right size.

The set contains

Colorado Cooler Cardigan set content
  • six 100g balls of Pima cotton yarn
  • two sewing needles in different sizes
  • the instructions for the pattern in English, German, French and Spanish
  • We Are Knitters tag to sew into the final piece
  • one pair of 5 mm knitting needles (optional)

Are the instructions easy to understand?

While I was ill in January I had a lot of time to rest and so I started knitting. The instructions are very detailed and easy to understand – at least for the main parts of the cardigan. As I reached the part for shaping the placket and collar of the cardigan, I had to reread the instructions a couple of times to fully understand how I had to proceed. Actually, I still haven’t fully understood the instructions, so I kind of improvised on that part. Besides that, the instructions were very easy to understand and I think even beginners can follow them easily.

How long did it take me?

As the cardigan is knitted with quite big needles (I knitted my other sweater with a similar yarn but with 3,5 mm compared to 5 mm for this one) I made progress quite quickly, which keeps up the motivation. I knitted mainly in the evenings, as I had to work during the day. All in all, I finished the cardigan quickly but, unfortunately, I cannot say the exact number of days or hours I needed. I guess the duration is dependent on the knitter anyway.

My conclusion:

Well, here you can see the result of the cardigan. To be honest, I am not quite satisfied with it. The fit is rather odd and the sleeves are very big. I am not sure if it’s ought to be like that or if my knitting is the reason for the shape.

result of the Colorado Cooler Cardigan knitting kit
As you can see: very long sleeves

What did go wrong?

I did do the gauge prior to starting the knitting and mine was a bit smaller than the one of the instructions. So I tried to match the gauge which lead me to knitting more loosely than I usually would. However, this lead to me knitting quite unevenly. So the result looks rather messy and is way to big.
Still, I liked that I made progress quite quickly – probably due to the bigger needles. That kept me motivated for the whole process.

In the end, I decided to unravel the whole cardigan and use the yarn for another project. For a next project, I wouldn’t follow the instructions blindly. Instead, I would check every now and then whether the sleeves are long enough yet or not. In my opinion it is better to modify the pattern to fit your style of knitting, than changing your way of knitting to fit the gauge.

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