After the shopping ban

How to stop shopping clothes

More than six months ago I’ve started my shopping ban. Now that the six months are over, I want to give you my conclusion and how I managed throughout the time.

My goal was to buy less clothes and be more sustainable. I wanted to reduce the amount of clothes that I own as I figured I own way too much that I don’t wear. Additionally I wanted to consider new purchases more deeply. You can read everything about the shopping ban here.

Let’s start with the beginning…

I started the ban in February this year. At the beginning I was really motivated. I had watched some fair fashion and sustainability videos on YouTube and wanted to change my behaviour for the New Year.

However, I had already made two purchases in February. But these I can justify.
It was one skirt from People Tree, which I had my eye on for a while. When it was finally reduced by half, I just had to buy it. And I really love the skirt. The other purchase was a pair of Birkenstocks which I had my eye on for a long while as well. But they had never been available. So when finally a pair came back into stock, I had to buy it. And these shoes were my absolute favourite shoes all summer long.

After this little exception, I was back on track with my shopping ban. And I did well. Neither was I tempted to go on a shopping spree nor did I spend a lot of unnecessary money on clothes.

Additionally, I managed to sell a couple of pieces online and I am quite happy that my wardrobe is a bit emptier now. Besides that, I sold a lot of clothes on a flea market.

Making my own clothes

In the future, I also want to start making my own clothes. I have already knitted a sweater and I want to learn sewing as well. Last month, I visited my sister and together we sewed two skirts and a pair of trousers together. She showed me a couple of techniques so I might sew some skirts in the future.

I am really happy, that I did change my shopping behaviour in comparison to last year – a lot. However, I want to be honest with you. I did not completely stop shopping. I was good at the beginning, but during August I fell back into old patterns and did a lot of online shopping. I returned most of the things, but only because they didn’t fit or suit me

What comes after the shopping ban?

So now it’s November and the shopping ban is officially over. This doesn’t mean that I will start shopping extensively again. I will reconsider my shopping habits as well as my style. What is missing in my wardrobe? What do I like to wear and what do I really wear? I will hopefully continue to sell a lot of the clothes that I don’t wear anymore and then I might purchase some pieces that I will love and wear until they are not wearable anymore.

Finally, I can only recommend trying a shopping ban. If you think about all the money you spend on clothes, well, … for me it’s a lot of money that I could have spent more sensibly.

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