easy tips how you can avoid fashion mispurchases

5 tips to avoid fashion mispurchases

Easy questions you should ask yourself before buying new clothes

Probably everyone owns at least one piece of clothing that qualifies as a mispurchase. Once, it surprised me when people had clothing in their wardrobe which still had the price tag. They had never worn that piece of clothing. Nowadays, I do unfortunately own some pieces, too, which I have never worn. I wish I had put more contemplation in many of these purchases. I could have saved me a lot of money and space in my wardrobe.

So, I decided to look at these pieces I have never worn and consider why that is the case or how I could have avoided it. I came up with five question that I will ask myself every time from now on before buying something new. These five questions will also help you to avoid fashion mispurchases.

1. Does it fit?

The most important question you should always ask yourself before buying something is whether it fits properly or not. Roughly two year ago, I bought those jeans. I like them and they look cool and pretty but they are just incredibly tight. I bought them because I thought “Hey, I will do a lot of sports now and eat healthy, and then I will lose weight and then these jeans will fit properly. Result: I haven’t lost weight and the jeans are still very tight. Don’t buy things for the future. If they don’t fit now, they might not fit in the future or if they finally fit, you might not like them anymore.

2. Do I feel comfortable?

Feeling comfortable should be one of your priorities. No matter how pretty a piece of clothing might be: if you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t wear it. This nice bodycon dress that’s really sexy but is somehow to short or makes you feel well aware of every gram that you might have too much? Don’t buy these things. You probably won’t wear them at all and if you do, they will most likely make you feel very self-conscious.

3. Do I feel pretty?

I think this is a question that I have often forgotten when buying new clothing. When you buy something new, you should feel pretty in it no matter how shitty you look that day. I have that one sweater which I like that much that I know I will feel good about myself wearing it. Some days I look in the mirror and nothing looks right. My hair doesn’t sit right, I look really pale and tired and I don’t feel good in any of my clothes. On those days I am likely to wear that sweater and instantly things don’t look that bad anymore. On the other hand, I have a lot of clothing pieces which don’t give me that feeling. I have often bought something even though I didn’t feel pretty. Then, I persuaded myself that I will look good wearing it when I do my hair in a specific way and put on some make-up. Most of the times, that’s not the case.

4. Do I have something to wear it with?

Another question I should have asked myself more often. Once upon a time, I bought a trench coat. I have never worn it. I just don’t have a clue how to style it. Even though, I found some ways to wear it on pinterest, the outfit combinations feel very limited and I had to make a deliberate decision to wear the trench coat instead of just throwing it on with every of my outfits. It just doesn’t feel natural for me. However, that’s what I need in my clothes. I need things that are easy to combine and I don’t want to plan a lot.

5. Do I like the piece or just the idea of it?

I tend to forget about this question when I get inspired by fashion bloggers or on pinterest. Usually, I see how other people style something, I like it and I want to have it, too. A typical example would be a blazer. I do have a couple of rarely worn blazers in my wardrobe. I like the idea of them, I like how they look on others, but I don’t like me wearing a blazer. It just doesn’t feel like me. I think, it has to do a lot with finding your personal style and being honest to yourself. Of course, you can experiment with new styles and try out things you haven’t worn before. But in case with the blazers, I make the same mistake over and over again. I own about four blazers that I only wear to job interviews. Now, it’s time to be honest with myself and admit that blazers are just not my style and stop buying new ones. My advice for you: Don’t randomly buy the things your favourite fashion blogger wears. Reconsider if you really like it or if you just like it because he or she likes it.

I hope these tips can help you to avoid fashion mispurchases in the future. They do help me. Also, let me know in the comments if you have further ideas how you avoid fashion mispurchases!

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