Easy knitting pattern for a Norwegian Sweater

Easy knitting pattern for a Norwegian Sweater

How to knit your own Norwegian Sweater

Today I will share with you, my knitting pattern for this Norwegian Sweater!
I have been a fan of Norway even before going there for my semester abroad. And I’ve always wanted to have a sweater with a cute and wintry reindeer pattern. I searched quite a bit online and soon found out that those sweaters are a) really hard to find and b) very expensive.
So I did some research on how to do jacquard knit and looked for knitting patterns. In the end, I combined some patterns I found online and created my own one, which I like very much (of course).

How did I proceed after I had my pattern?

Once I was happy with the pattern, I looked for instructions for a jumper. I quickly found a pattern I liked but had to change the yarn they used, because I wanted the sweaters to be woollen and cosy. Then I only adapted amount of stiches in the instructions to my yarn and started knitting. The patterns I created are quite simple. As it was also the first sweater I ever knitted, I deliberately decided to keep the pattern as easy as possible.

Here is a simple instruction video on how to do a jacquard knit.

The first Norwegian Sweater I knitted

The first Norwegian Sweater I knitted

What do you need to knit a sweater like this?

In my opinion you need motivation, endurance and patience. The knitting itself is not very difficult and knitting the pattern is actually quite motivating as you can see the pattern develop. But it can get a bit annoying because the two threads get twisted up all the time and you have to count the stiches and pay attention all the time to make no mistakes during the pattern. And you should also keep in mind that it’s a big piece you’ll have to knit.

How long did I need to finish the sweaters?

Well, that’s a huge timespan. While knitting the green sweater, I was a bit under time pressure because I wanted to finish it before going to Norway. All in all, it took me around 6 to 8 weeks to finish. The time I spent knitting each day varied quite a bit. In the beginning I knitted quite a lot each day, but I had to reduce the time because my hands and fingers where aching. For the green sweater I casted on 144 stiches each for the front and the back.

Click here for the pattern of the green sweater!

Easy Norwegian Sweater

For the burgundy sweater it looked a bit different. I finished the back piece in little less than a week. But then I knitted less and due to a huge lack of motivation it took me over a year to finish this one. I wasn’t working on it for a couple of months and the unfinished pieces where just lying in the corner. But after all I did finish it. The front and back have each a width of 120 stiches.

Click here for the pattern of the burgundy sweater!

Would I do it again?

How to knit a jumper

That’s a tough question. Knitting a jumper? Definitely yes! Knitting a jumper with a jacquard pattern? Probably yes. I am very happy and also proud that I knitted the two sweaters. To do it again, I would need a lot of motivation. But I would definitely recommend to you trying it yourself. It’s not as difficult as it might seem and you will definitely be proud of yourself!
If you do try it out, I’d be pleased to receive photos of your Norwegian Sweaters, or tag me on Instagram or twitter!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me!

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