The Scentist Individual Perfume Review

Finally the perfect perfume?

I am a lover of perfume, but so far I have failed to find the perfect scent for me. Recently, I came across a website called “The Scentist” who create individual perfumes. They claim to create an individual scent that fits. I was immediately hooked by this statement as I am always standing in the perfume shop sniffing the different perfumes until I cannot smell any difference at all anymore and still I remain without the perfect scent. So, I was curious and had a closer look at the website, read some reviews and decided I would try it.

The procedure

To get your individual perfume, you have to fill out a personality test, which is quickly done. The questions are about things you like to do in your free time, where you prefer to eat or drink and general information about yourself.

The next day I received the results via e-mail. In the mail I got to know that my perfect scent belongs to the family of floral scents. The different scents of my individual perfume were also mentioned and overall it sounded interesting, but I wasn’t 100% persuaded. It contained a lot of fruity scents and not so many florals. But after considering it a bit longer, I ordered my individual scent.

Already two days later, my parcel arrived, so everything went really quickly. I was really excited and also a bit nervous whether I would like the scent or not. With pleasant anticipation, I opened the little parcel and it looked very high-quality: There was a nice card with the description of my scent, black tissue paper and a tin which contained the perfume. The perfume itself comes in a 100 ml glass bottle, which also appears to be good quality.

High-quality packaging of the Scentist individual perfume

High-quality packaging of the Scentist perfume

The scent: is it perfect?

Unfortunately, I have to say that I was not as impressed as others were in their reviews. The first impression is very fruity and not at all floral. I think it is black currant that is the most prominent but I am no expert. The scent reminds me a bit of Giorgio Armani Si or Kylie Minogue Showtime but more intense. After a while the intensity decreases but what is left is also not very appealing to me. All in all, the scent is very sweet and overpowering and not at all what I imagine my perfect perfume to be like.

Is it worth it?

Tough question. The whole presentation and packaging of the perfume is high-quality and premium. The outcome of the scent is probably dependent on luck and your own taste. Even though the price of 89€ for 100 ml is rather normal for a perfume, I think it is a bit risky to order 100 ml of a perfume without having a clue what it smells like. I think it would be good if it was possible to order smaller amounts, too. Now, I have 100 ml of a perfume that I don’t really like. So, I wouldn’t do it again. As my hunt for my perfect perfume goes on, I will probably keep sniffing perfumes until I finally find the perfect one for me.

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