Knitting new hobby

Knitting – my new love and hobby

Why everyone should try knitting and how you can start

Knitting has become popular again! With platforms like We are knitters and Wool and the Gang, it is no longer something for grannies only. Maybe it is because of our fast developing world that we try to go back to the roots and do something slow, mindful and non-digital. No matter why, knitting has become one of my greatest hobbies.

Knitting project

How and why I started knitting

About two years ago I started knitting. I don’t remember exactly why I started, but I think I was looking for a hobby. Additionally, I was looking for a nice hat for winter that was not made out of plastic because I have problems with flyaway hair during winter which gets intensified by acrylic hats. So I decided to buy some good wool and started knitting.

I had tried knitting before – not really successfully though – but I still liked the idea of creating my own clothes. I bought some introductory books and watched many explanatory videos on YouTube. If you have troubles understanding the illustrations of knitting instructions in books, I would definitely recommend watching videos. It’s a lot easier to understand if you can actually see someone doing it than just seeing it on photos or illustrations where you have to do a lot of guessing what is happening.
That way, I taught myself how to knit. For me, it was good that I had no one to help, because then I really had to understand what I was doing and not just replicate what I was seeing. If I made a mistake, I had to correct it myself and now I feel like I have really understood knitting.

Just watch some tutorials, get some needles and wool and try it. Easy projects for beginners are for example scrarves and headbands – which where also my first projects.

Ball of yarn, what I like about knitting


What I like about knitting

For me, knitting is something calming and relaxing. I like to work on my projects in the evenings while watching TV or on long train rides. Especially the train rides fly by when I’m knitting.
I also like that I can see the progress and what I have done. If I watch Netflix for three hours, I might be entertained afterwards but it is not really productive. If I am knitting for three hours I might have finished half a sock. It’s also quite satisfying to hold the finished project in your hands and being able to say “I’ve done that!” Not to mention the compliments you might receive.

What do I want to do in the future?

So far, I only know two different kinds of stiches. With these stiches I can do about four patterns. But there are like hundreds of different patterns and variations. So my skills are quite limited yet. In the future, I want to knit more, start new and bigger projects and develop new skills. I share this with you on my blog to inspire you to start knitting and get creative.

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