An introduction to myself

How do you start blogging? Do you just start throwing content onto your blog or do you formally introduce yourself? I decided for the latter, so that is what this will be.

  • My name is Ulla, which is a very old-fashioned name in Germany, but was very popular in the 1920s. I used to have a problem with that but now I am ok with it.
  • I grew up close to the oldest city of Germany and after graduating from school I spent a year abroad in London doing a voluntary service. During that time my love for the UK and the English language began to grow which led to me studying English linguistics and business administration.
  • I had spent my fifth semester at the University of Bergen in Norway. During summer and early autumn I went hiking a lot. As I had no TV, I needed a hobby for the evenings. I did watch a lot of Netflix (which is somehow similar to TV but without the adverts), I knitted a lot and started painting with watercolours. The last two became real hobbies for me and I have improved my skills by now.
  • In my last semester, I finished my bachelor thesis, moved to Munich and worked as an intern at a tourism company, which I didn’t enjoy much. Afterwards, I was looking for a job which didn’t went as smoothly as I had expected. I was unemployed for three months, which felt like ages but also passed very quickly. As I got more and more desperate, I started working at a huge fashion retailer. It was not my dream, but at least I had something to do and earned a bit of money to pay my rent.
  • Soon after, I finally found a job in an online editorial office. So far, I still enjoy working there.
  • I am a massive cat lover. One day I will hopefully be a crazy cat lady.
  • I love photography.
  • I love travelling but I hate that it seems to be everyone’s hobby by now. Sometimes I think that everyone only loves to travel because that’s simply what our generation does. I don’t say travelling is my hobby because I unfortunately do not travel that often. But when I do, I love it.
  • I have unfortunately never been in a country outside of Europe.
  • I love tea, mostly green, black, peppermint, camomile, all sorts of tea except fruity teas basically.
  • I try to read as many books as possible and most favourably in English. I am a very slow reader, however, and I have other hobbies as well, so I don’t finish as many books as other people each year.
  • I like watching videos on YouTube, although I become more and more critical about the whole movement with all the influencers and product placements. We could probably be watching adverts instead.
  • I like knitting. I guess my biggest project so far has been a jumper with a complicated pattern.

Well, this is not a 50 facts about me tag but I think it gives you an impression of who I am. You will probably get to know me better in future blog posts.

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