Happy New Year! My Resolutions for 2018

2017 flew by so quickly and it feels like I didn’t make any progress this year. This is probably due to the fact, that all the milestones I achieved are overshadowed by three months of unemployment and a lot of rejections to my job applications. To end 2017 positively and to remember only the good things, I will quickly mention my achievements.

  • I successfully graduated from university.
  • I moved in with my boyfriend and we found ourselves a beautiful flat.
  • I took a short trip to Lake Garda.
  • I finally found a job.

I could have achieved so much more, but it motivates me to do it better in 2018. What do I want to achieve? What do I want to look back on in a year?

1. Travel. It’s always on my list, but I am almost never able to fulfil this goal like I imagined. Time and money have always been the excuse. Not this year!

  • I will visit Hamburg
  • I will hike in the “Sächsische Schweiz” and have a look around Dresden
  • I will make a nice travelling holiday.
  • Vienna is also on my list

2. Change my consumerist behaviour. I feel ashamed about how much money I spend on things that I don’t actually need. My wardrobe is full and I still want more. I want to stop shopping for clothes. Completely (unless I really need something). In addition to that I will sort out my things and try to sell stuff online or donate it. The same applies for beauty products. I won’t buy anything new until I have used up some of the old things.

3. Live a more sustainable life. I am far from perfect – if that even exists – but I am on a journey, which I want to share with you on this blog. Bit by bit, I want to integrate sustainability into my life. Firstly, I want to use up old beauty products and exchange them for natural, organic products. Reducing my consumerism (especially fashion) is also a part of becoming more sustainable.

4. Mindfulness. In four months of working, I’ve experienced that time is very rare. I wake up in the morning, go to work, come home in the evening, eat something, waste my time in front of the TV or laptop and go to bed. It’s every day the same. I want to be more productive and actively do something, like knitting, reading or sports.

5. Finally learn Spanish. I have started learning Spanish before, but never really stuck to it. Now, I finally want to continue learning it, so I can travel at some point to Latin America and really communicate with the people there.

6. Knitting. I want to continue knitting and also improve my skills and develop new skills. There are so many patterns and stitches and I only know the basics. I want to do more complicated things and be very professional!

7. Get fit. Like probably almost everyone else in this world, I want to get fit. I want to do sports regularly and go to the gym more often. It’s my goal to participate in a 10 km run. Ten kilometres might not seem a lot to many people, but for me it is the furthest I have ever run. And another goal (which is ridiculously unrealistic) is to be able to do “the Flag”. But we’ll see.

So, these are my seven goals for 2018. But most importantly: I want to be the best version of myself and be truly happy.

Do you have any goals for 2018?

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